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Zurich Insurance

[Zurich Financial Services Group](, one of the world’s largest insurance group based in Switzerland, launched PT Zurich LifeTopas (ZTL) is running the life insurance business. Brandon Caneer, Chief Marketing Officer of Zurich Global Life AsiaPacific region and the Middle East, said that : “Indonesia is a very important market to Zurich and I want to emphasize this. As is known, the world is experiencing economiccrisis in Europe. But do not worry because we have strong financialstrength,” he said at the launch of the company today. Strategic partnership with Zurich to Mayapada Groupwhich owns 20% of the equity of Topas Zurich Life A3GURS6G53EV

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Best Health Insurance

A3GURS6G53EV Many health insurance companies that claim their products are the best health insurance, so as to make ordinary people confused. The question is, of all the best insurance products that, where health insurance is good for you?

I held up the thumb for you, who have realized the importance of having protection. Not many people have thought much less awareness of insurance to protect the health of family members (family insurance).


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